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Friday,    April 27

Symposium: “Distillation and Alchemy: Science, Society and Sentiment”

William Eamon (New Mexico State), Bruce Moran (University of Nevada, Reno), John Rundin (UC Davis), John Slater (UC Davis), and Tiffany Werth (UC Davis)

Wednesday, May 16

Work in Progress: “Science in the Service of Gnosis: Ibrahim Haqqi of Erzurum (d. 1780) and his Book of Gnosis”

Baki Tezcan, History, UC Davis

Tuesday,    April 3

Collecting Human Monsters in Early Modern Courts

Guido Guerzoni, Bocconi University and M9 Museum of the Twentieth Century

Monday, February 26

Work in Progress: “Reducing Justice to Nothing”

Mario Biagioli, Science & Technology Studies and Law, UC Davis


Monday, January 22

In Agony: The Body in Renaissance Medicine

Cynthia Klestinec, English, Miami University

Wednesday, December 6

A History of Book Forgery

Nick Wilding, History, Georgia State University

Friday, October 27

Work in Progress: “Birth by Hammer”

Anna Uhlig, Classics, UC Davis