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Monday, February 26

Work in Progress

Mario Biagioli, Science & Technology Studies and Law, UC Davis

Time: Noon
Location: TBA



Monday, January 22

In Agony: The Body in Renaissance Medicine

This presentation focuses on surgical reconstructions of the body in Renaissance Italy. In particular, it documents attempts by surgeons to theorize their technical skills. In those attempts, we find that the technical skills of the surgeon were not offered as handmaidens to nature, helping to strengthen or boost the body’s resources like our vitamins are supposed to do. Instead, the technical skills of the surgeon are opposed to nature; they are pitted against nature. This agonistic struggle to overcome to the nature of the body emerged, in this period, as the primary discourse for remaking the body.

Cynthia Klestinec, English, Miami University

Time: Noon
Location: 912 Sproul

Wednesday, December 6

A History of Book Forgery

Recent forgeries of early modern printed material have taken the rare book world by surprise: the accurate replication of paper, binding, ink and impression has generally been considered all but impossible. But in fact, such forgery has a long, continuous and complex history, originating perhaps in the development of mechanical reproduction itself. This talk will describe the technologies of print forgery, and techniques of de-authentication, while sketching the problematic outlines of this history.

Nick Wilding, History, Georgia State University

Friday, October 27

Work in Progress: “Birth by Hammer”

Anna Uhlig, Classics, UC Davis