Upcoming Events


Friday,    April 27

Symposium: “Distillation and Alchemy: Science, Society and Sentiment”

William Eamon (New Mexico State), Bruce Moran (University of Nevada, Reno), John Rundin (UC Davis), John Slater (UC Davis), and Tiffany Werth (UC Davis)

Time: 1–5 PM
Location: 912 Sproul

Wednesday, May 16

Work in Progress: “Science in the Service of Gnosis: Ibrahim Haqqi of Erzurum (d. 1780) and his Book of Gnosis”

Baki Tezcan, History, UC Davis



Tuesday,    April 3

Collecting Human Monsters in Early Modern Courts

Guido Guerzoni, Bocconi University and M9 Museum of the Twentieth Century

Monday, February 26

Work in Progress: “Reducing Justice to Nothing”

Mario Biagioli, Science & Technology Studies and Law, UC Davis


Monday, January 22

In Agony: The Body in Renaissance Medicine

Cynthia Klestinec, English, Miami University

Wednesday, December 6

A History of Book Forgery

Nick Wilding, History, Georgia State University

Friday, October 27

Work in Progress: “Birth by Hammer”

Anna Uhlig, Classics, UC Davis